Reality Sneaks In

Based on Jenna’s reaction to her diagnosis versus how we reacted it was clear the anchor had never been let down, not even a ripple in the water. The storm hit like a thief in the night. While our ship didn’t drift out to sea it wasn’t as stable as Jenna’s. Little did we know God had ordained someone to lead us into this deeper faith. Leading by example and giving us comfort amid so much pain; our 14-year-old daughter Jenna.

A Refining Journey Begins

On September 18, 2017 our 14 year old daughter said “Daddy it’s going to be alright” after hearing she had stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma throughout her body. This diagnosis was earth shattering for our family but also began a refining process for our Christian walk we didn’t expect.

No Rivalry Between Gods Children Today the cross county rivalry kicks off with Barnwell playing Silver Bluff. Over the years this has been such a great game with great sportsmanship. Through Jenna’s illness the depth of respect and caring between the two communities has shown itself to be so much more than a game. Barnwell […]

17_1025 Jenna Update

Mercy and Grace Stomach pain was the most pressing issue in regards to pain for Jenna the last update. I can now say after a week of looking we found the issue via a CT scan with contrast this afternoon. Due to the radiation damage to her large intestines coupled with the chemotherapy she has […]

17_1016-18 Jenna Update

Uncertainty Abounds Last few days were very trying as the winds of uncertainty try to rattle our faith and make us question. The doctors informed us Jenna would need another PET scan due to her white blood cells and platelets being abnormal. At this stage of chemotherapy they are not positive it is working. After being informed it is time […]

My Wife I will try to send out an update on Jenna tomorrow. Today I want to update everyone on the greatest support system a man can have a Godly wife (Ms. Becky). Not only does she take care of Jenna she looks out for me as we travel through this valley. Becky loving and […]

Instagram: jenna_bodiford Facebook: Prayers for Jenna Bodiford and Family Sitting here watching Jenna sleep her heart rate has slowed from 152 bpm on the last update to 60 bpm her blood pressure has returned to normal and she completed the 3rd round of chemo Monday. Has not been any further talk of icu. From where […]

Instagram: jenna_bodiford Facebook: Prayers for Jenna Bodiford and Family   This week has been very difficult for Jenna as the stomach continues to be an issue although we did receive good news as well. Jenna’s stomach is quite painful this week and continues to worsen as the days pass. Turns out the radiation has inflamed her large […]

Instagram: jenna_bodiford Facebook: Prayers for Jenna Bodiford and Family The past few days have been very difficult for Jenna due to the chemo treatments her stomach has been beyond miserable along with a very sore throat but on the positive some of the nerve pain appears to be under control. She has toughed it out […]