Grief Introduced Part 1

This will be the first of several post about grief and how we should handle in light of what God has done for us. This is also a talk I have the opportunity to give online to the Chinese church to help encourage them on their journey. The Chinese church is currently using Jenna’s translated story in helping those that are facing trials.

Thank you to everyone and God Bless. Brett & Becky


Thank you for having me it is quite an honor to speak with such an inspirational church body and share part of Jenna’s journey and our family’s experience. As I share, it will be my pleasure to hopefully give insight into how good God has been and how He continues to love and support our family.

Allowing you into my personal battle with grief and the miniscule insight I have gained into how we as Christian’s defeat that which is a lie within our grief. There are no secrets to how we as Christians fight but at times the path to victory may become overshadowed being dimly lit as we enter the battle. Dealing with our flesh on a spiritual level keeps the flesh under control to prevent it from becoming a hindrance. (Study Galatians 5:17)

Our hearts desire is to let you know during the hurt and pain the battles are worth the fight. Never give up on God, never give in to what this world teaches that contrasts with God. It may not be evident how you are impacting those around you and across the world but trust me: God is getting glory from your faithfulness. Reaching across the street and around the globe is the honor God has bestowed on the Chinese people. Your testimonies allow God’s glory to stream from beneath the darkness of persecution shining brightly into a darkened world for all to see. (Study Matthew 5:14)

God’s glory represented through your battles not only, will not, but cannot, be hid if you serve the one true living God. Facing your trials and persecution with prayer and supplication giving over your flesh that the Holy Spirit be revealed throughout eternity will end victoriously. As we suffer persecution and trials we will be conformed to Christ in His likeness. (Study 2 Timothy 3:12)

Grief Introduced

The waters of grief have many navigational obstacles that desire to swallow us whole covering the glory God desires and deserves. These waters if allowed will end us as no more than a passing thought never to be thought of again. But through the power of the Lord we will not be swallowed up but will live in eternity victoriously walking with our Lord and Abba Father.

Navigating the seas of grief after the death of a loved one destroys true North on our compass with its raging storms and treacherous undercurrents. Continually fighting to keep your ship heading in the direction of God, the one true captain, will not be a fleeting exercise but a daily minute by minute way of life. The dark clouds that hang over everything large or small with powerful lightening, raging winds, and torrential rains, straining, even longing, to be released on your life appear to be the enemy.

These looming clouds constantly battle the calm force of the Holy Spirit that indwells who we are as Christians at the core. Although, I must admit, I struggle to keep the dark forces at bay even with the strong knowledge of who God is and how much He loves and cares for my soul. As we travel through this life getting constantly wrapped in its many webs of deceit it takes spiritual vigilance in the form of prayer and study to prevent falling into the traps satan has so carefully placed. These traps are not only for us but are for those around us that we affect.

We must live and say within ourselves: My heart desires to serve the Lord with everything in my being. (Study 1 Corinthians 15:58)


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