Not Going Home Without My Baby Girl!!

Not Going Home without my Baby Girl!!

This thought hit me this morning for some reason and it dawned on me I never came home to stay without Jenna. If she was in the hospital no matter how long she stayed. Sleeping on floors or in chairs didn’t matter. She was the important one in the whole equation. As I pondered this thought it came to mind that I never want to go Home (Heaven) without all of my family. No doubt in my mind that my soul is secure and my place in Heaven solidified but have I made the fact there is a home beyond earth clear to my family. Have we (everyone) ask the ones we love if they know Heaven will be their home. I encourage you as difficult a task as this may seem to step out in faith and ask the ones you love if they truly know the savior. If they have sincerely had a changed life because of believing in Jesus. This act will show more love than any other you could accomplish.


God Bless

Brett & Becky

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