The Rich Man’s Loan…

The Rich Man

One day I met this rich man. Even though I am poor and definitely not on this mans level we became, for lack of better words, family. He advises me in my daily life and shows me the correct way to treat others. He has invested much time into my betterment for no reason; I can think of. Strange enough he really treats me like one of his kids. We have grown closer over the years. He is always available when trials appear in my life. Never has he said he was to busy for me. His wisdom, love, and care is unbelievable. When I turn and bite the hand that feeds me (so to speak) he cares for me anyway.

The Loan

Now that we have been “family” for some time this man lets me borrow a precious jewel. This isn’t a regular jewel, this is a one of a kind, more valuable than money. Maybe I protest a little due to it being so valuable but after accepting the loan I get to show this jewel to everyone I know. While I have this jewel I share it with my friends, family, and the world. The rich man never tells anyone it isn’t mine or takes credit for anything. Oddly enough he lets me decide if I plan to let people know this jewel is his or not. No strings attached other than it is a loan and I must return it upon request. It may be requested day or night and any place. As I ponder this one stipulation, I ask myself, am I going to be mad when this man wants his jewel back. How could I!

The Return

Many people ask about anger and Jenna’s situation. While I try to comfort them the question continues to loom large in peoples minds. Until now I didn’t have a good answer to explain: why I am not angry. At  4 this morning God opened my eyes to the answer. God is this rich man. He bestowed on my family the most precious jewel anyone has ever known (at least in my eyes) and now it appears He will request the return of this jewel shortly. We are not sure of what day or time of day but the time will come. How can I be mad at the owner for requesting their jewel back? Through God’s grace I was able to appreciate this jewel in public and with my family in private. So many good times we have had laughing together, crying together, even discussing the rich mans heavenly things together. None of this would have happened except the rich man blessed us when we did not deserve the blessing.

As we struggle through life with the inevitable trials and tribulations we cannot forget God is the God of all things and all belong to Him. He can require His items back at any point in time. We may disagree with the timing but trust me His time is the correct time. One of the things I am sure of is God creates purpose behind every request. God doesn’t do bad things to us but since we are fallen creatures bad things happen. In the midst of this bad if we allow our lives to be fully used by God it creates a beautiful outcome from every ash produced. What satan means for bad God takes and makes it glorious and magnifies the Father for eternity.

20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. Gen 50:20

The Eternity of Jenna

As important as MeMe (Jenna) is to us God will use her journey for the betterment of so many others and that is the desire of our family as well. The steps to her going to glory are the toughest we have ever climbed. But we know at the top God is waiting with arms open wide full of love and compassion. We are currently living out a very short period in time but what God is accomplishing has eternal weight. That is what will ultimately matter. The thought of them taking my baby from this house for the last time is beyond comprehension to my flesh but is a glorious day for her spirit. She will no longer be in pain but will know the greater comfort and who wouldn’t want that for a loved one. My Jewel Will Soon return to The Rich Man.

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  1. My dearest friends in Christ,
    I was with my wonderful Mom when she left her worldly life to go home. She said her last word was my Father’s name as if she saw him and was calling out to him. It was then the Lord gave me a vision was in both the spirit and the world at once.
    I saw a young woman in her twenties who was beyond beautiful leave her body and rush by me with an indefinable expression of joy. I turned to follow her and found myself standing behind an old fashioned door with pane glass that was very old because the glass rippled and distorted slightly. the room was dark, much like an old shed, but the scene I saw through those windows I shall never forget.
    I saw and incredibly clear blue sky above a small grassy hill dotted with occasional tiny yellow wildflowers. And then I saw my Dad, looking as if he were in his mid-twenties on the rise of the hill as a soft wind blew upon him. Suddenly I saw this beautiful young woman who was my Mom run and leap into his arms burying her face in his shoulder. What they said I could not hear but my Dad glanced at me as they were walking away with that unspeakable smile of joy upon his face.
    I was have never been able to mourn them because God showed me where they are and that they are finally together again. I wish I could have opened that door and gone with them, but I had many other things to go through before my time arrives.
    But I will tell you this that I was happy for them, like the happiness I have for friends who find each other.
    When we go home, it is really home, because everything God has created is built on love. My prayers will always be with you, my dearest friends in Christ.
    Tom Cuny


  2. I am continuing praying for you and your family even though she has passed away she will always be in your hearts ♥️


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