17_1001 Jenna Update

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Another week has passed and there have been victories and answered prayers even at the start of this long road.


  1. The knowledge that so many people are behind us and have come together on our behalf in prayer. Satan tries each day to tell us how alone we are and there is no hope but the presence of God through prayer does not allow a foothold for these lies. So thanks to all for this.
  2. Jenna’s pain has improved some and we have been able to put some weight on her feet as she so badly wants to walk out of this place. Please add this to the prayer list for her.
  3. The 10th radiation treatment was completed Friday and we are hopeful this starts to shrink the tumor pressing on the nerves in her back.
  4. I (Brett) have learned Gods love, grace, and comfort are so much greater and that I have only broken the surface of what being a child of God really means.
  5. Ramp built at the house. Thanks to Gods people.


  1. Jenna has battled with a sore throat like no other.
  2. Headaches and nerve pain.
  3. Also, you will notice from the new picture she cut her hair. Pretty tough for a teenage girl (but she rocks the new do) to let that go. As we continue down the road we know being in the middle of Gods will is the only safe place especially in these times.


Romans 5:3-4 And patience, experience; and experience,  hope: And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;

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