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This week has been very difficult for Jenna as the stomach continues to be an issue although we did receive good news as well. Jenna’s stomach is quite painful this week and continues to worsen as the days pass. Turns out the radiation has inflamed her large intestines causing the pain and accompanying issues that come with it.

Jenna started running a fever earlier in the week and was placed on antibiotics in preparation for a fight although as the week progressed she has started with another fever around 102. With broad spectrum antibiotics now being administered we are presently searching for causes. Her blood counts being low Doc has started medicine to increase her white blood cells along with a blood transfusion. The option of ICU is currently on the list if she doesn’t respond to treatment soon. Moving into ICU allows faster responses to issues as they arise with options we do not have on the normal floor.

Now my favorite part and God gets the glory. The tumor has shrunk 2cm x 2cm as of yesterday and all of her vital organs show to be in good shape. These results are nothing less than Gods glory and answers to His people’s prayers. Please stay in the trenches with prayer for Jenna and the Doctors. Although we hurt God is still in control and His grace is sufficient we just must lean into Him. While praying for Jenna mention the other kids on this floor as they are hurting just as we are. Awesome to be part of a God fearing community that loves each other Thank You

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  1. My heart is with Jenna and her family. Our family has battled rhabdo and lost, so I feel your anguish. Your faith in God and the support of those who love you will help you to hang on. God bless you.


    1. So sorry for your loss it definitely isn’t easy. I cannot imagine going through this without God, His Son, and our support network. Thank you for your encouragement.


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