17_1011 Jenna Update

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Sitting here watching Jenna sleep her heart rate has slowed from 152 bpm on the last update to 60 bpm her blood pressure has returned to normal and she completed the 3rd round of chemo Monday. Has not been any further talk of icu. From where we were until now further convinces me of Gods mercy, grace, and the power of prayer. She is still battling the intestine issues but has some victories as well. She let us touch her legs yesterday this may not sound like much but she hasn’t been able to stand any touch on her legs for over 6 weeks due to severe nerve pain from the tumor in her spine and lower back. An example of her determination and fight. She is just now placed back in the bed and now asking about doing some physical therapy together. In my mind the pain is starting to show through and rest is needed. When I ask for her to lay down due to the pain she told me “that is not an option” to say the least she is not backing down. We completed the therapy with her trying to stand while I held her in my arms.

God is at work in everything we face and the community of believers that has rallied behind us is amazing. Continue to stand with us in the gap for our little girl and again thank you everyone.

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