18_0728 Beyond the Updates

18_0728 Beyond the Updates

The devil is Working Overtime


Since our last post the devil has shown up again. His attempt to affect our walk will not work as God will always get the glory. In the last couple of weeks Becky has completed two biopsies of her breast. One shows precancer and the other is a marker that she will get cancer there in the future. Currently we are waiting on genetic testing to come back and then there will be decisions to make. The good news is we have caught his early. She will not die from this but the emotional sting of hearing the word cancer was traumatic. We must remember the devil is good at affecting the flesh but God will always protect our spirit. Along with protection He bestows unspeakable peace. Please pray as Becky has to make decisions that I am sure will be very emotional, As much as I will try understanding how she feels will be difficult. One thing is for sure we love each other and God loves us. No matter what everything will be okay.


God Bless Everyone.

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