17_1016-18 Jenna Update

Uncertainty Abounds

Last few days were very trying as the winds of uncertainty try to rattle our faith and make us question. The doctors informed us Jenna would need another PET scan due to her white blood cells and platelets being abnormal. At this stage of chemotherapy they are not positive it is working. After being informed it is time to dig our heals in and let God. Trusting God this way, fully through faith, is knowing the only moment we should live in is the current one.

We must not move past the current moment yet look for the future God has in His hands. Our worry or conjecture about what may be only serves to make us more distraught. We must step back and let God get the glory allowing Him to handle everything. God is handling everything this weekend as we struggle to deepen our faith below the ripple it makes at the top of the water.

Miracle Needed

Monday 10/16/21017

God truly is looking out for our family as we need a miracle to be revealed. Because on the way to radiology we are so overwhelmed I am worried we are going to fall apart. Then God confirms the miracle we so badly needed has already occurred. When it seems there is no way out; God is right on time. Before the PET scan God gives us the nugget we so badly need. As the doctor tells us when someone receives the type of radiation Jenna required if they are not walking within a couple of days they never do: showing Jenna has already been part of a miracle that God had wrought. Did I mention prayer works. Just a sign from our maker that all would be okay. Monday, Jenna took the walker and walked across the room two more times. Not an ounce of quite in this girl that is for sure. As Jenna stands  with hands in the air and all weight on her legs.

Miracle Supplied

Tuesday 10/17/17

The results of the PET scan were back and the chemotherapy is working as all spots of cancer in her body are showing to be dimmer. We restart chemotherapy back this afternoon. Chemotherapy was tough as she received the treatment late in the afternoon so nauseous and hurting all night. After receiving the news about the PET scan the doctor also stated we could at least start talking about going home and meeting with pain management, case worker, etc. So the conversation has started not sure of when as many things must happen but it is a step in the right direction.

Deeper Faith Required

This up and down roller coaster proves to me daily how shallow my faith is as I have to catch myself from falling into the trap of thinking about the future or creating what I think is the path instead of letting God handle everything. It is my belief this situation will give God glory in many ways to name a few His church coming together in unity as a true body of believers regardless of the building, town, or anything else. We should all use this to reflect on how to hook our anchors of faith to the rock instead of letting it drag across the bottom. Again thank you to everyone. May God Bless you all!

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