Jenna’s Story

Intro by Nicklaus Bodiford: Traps and Pitfalls of Men in the Family. A look at Samson and the correlation to men in regards to Pride, Lust, & Entitlement. How do we as Christians learn to lean on each other helping to stay on track for God and His kingdom. How do we disciple each other through […]

18_0918 Introduction to Grief Part 2

A realization that the very heart beat that erupts within us supplying life-giving blood to this fleshly body is not the only blood supply we need. As adopted heirs we now associate with true eternal life through Christ the ultimate life-giving flow that was shed on Calvary. The very blood that allows us to fight these battles not in the physical but in the spiritual realm and come away victorious.

18_0510 Jenna Update

You Can’t Run You can’t run away from the path God has for you. You must run to it embrace it,  find comfort in God Himself. Notice I didn’t say love the path (not yet anyway). I believe we continue to grow after huge trials in our life. We grow closer to God and His […]