This Christ the one and only is the only way to overcome sin and its hold on the man. Seeking what the wide-open gates of this world have to offer will ultimately lead to destruction

This thing that is not an object but a desire that comes from within is something all of us deal with sin.

Failure to Launch Within each person there seems to be a desire to fill a void that exist. We seek out what the world has to offer be it work or other acceptable means of staying busy. As time passes the more we seek the more we realize nothing we do will fill the void […]

Paradox of Tribulation

Man’s Reasoning We live, we die, yet we live again, or not. Man in his own reasoning has determined once you leave this body your life is over. The Christian has learned you leave this body and your life has just begun. Man’s outlook and thought process will remain in this broken state unless healing is applied […]

Had the privilege to preach at Calvary Baptist in Lilburn Ga this morning. The message challenges you to face the trials in your life in light of the love God has for you. We must step into the unknown to see the promised. Always remember Jesus has passed before you not matter what trial you […]

Intro by Nicklaus Bodiford: Traps and Pitfalls of Men in the Family. A look at Samson and the correlation to men in regards to Pride, Lust, & Entitlement. How do we as Christians learn to lean on each other helping to stay on track for God and His kingdom. How do we disciple each other through […]

Here are the last words from Jenna. She made this recording on her own and left for the world to see after her death. she knew God intimately and her desire is for the world to know the same peace.  

Not Going Home without my Baby Girl!! This thought hit me this morning for some reason and it dawned on me I never came home to stay without Jenna. If she was in the hospital no matter how long she stayed. Sleeping on floors or in chairs didn’t matter. She was the important one in the whole […]

We must be so in love with who Jesus is that we forget about who we desire to be other than desiring our hearts to be like Him. Within this desiring we conform our lives around His thoughts and actions.

18_0918 Introduction to Grief Part 2

A realization that the very heart beat that erupts within us supplying life-giving blood to this fleshly body is not the only blood supply we need. As adopted heirs we now associate with true eternal life through Christ the ultimate life-giving flow that was shed on Calvary. The very blood that allows us to fight these battles not in the physical but in the spiritual realm and come away victorious.