Jenna Update: Childhood Cancer, Spiritual Growth, Faith & Family

Jenna Update: Childhood Cancer, Spiritual Growth, Faith & Family is the inspiring journey of a teenage girl and her family. Jenna battles stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma with her faith and an infectious smile that consequently, no one can resist. Jenna’s heartbreaking diagnosis inspires spiritual growth within the family and those that surround them with love and support.
Follow Jenna’s progress as well as the spiritual lessons, grace, and comfort God continues to provide because of His love. Jenna’s story will inspire everyone from teenager to senior from cheers to tears. As a result no one will walk away from this blog the way they came because her story ultimately challenges all of us in regards to how we approach family, faith, God and our spiritual growth.

Failure to Launch Within each person there seems to be a desire to fill a void that exist. We seek out what the world has to offer be it work or other acceptable means of staying busy. As time passes the more we seek the more we realize nothing we do will fill the void […]

Paradox of Tribulation

Man’s Reasoning We live, we die, yet we live again, or not. Man in his own reasoning has determined once you leave this body your life is over. The Christian has learned you leave this body and your life has just begun. Man’s outlook and thought process will remain in this broken state unless healing is applied […]

Here are the last words from Jenna. She made this recording on her own and left for the world to see after her death. she knew God intimately and her desire is for the world to know the same peace.  

18_0728 Beyond the Updates The devil is Working Overtime Since our last post the devil has shown up again. His attempt to affect our walk will not work as God will always get the glory. In the last couple of weeks Becky has completed two biopsies of her breast. One shows precancer and the other […]

Our prayers go out to all of Jenna Bodiford’s family and friends! She touched many people during her 14 years of life, especially as she bravely battled cancer these past nine months.The funeral is getting underway in the gym of Barnwell High School where Jenna was a student. Posted by The People-Sentinel on Tuesday, May […]

Jenna Story Continues Jenna is currently with God in Heaven awaiting Jesus’ return to earth for the rest of the Christians. She has a physical body, in a physical place, walking around, with a mind that is thinking and asking questions. She is basically on a trip awaiting us to arrive or for Jesus to […] Return to Current Obituaries Jenna Nicole Bodiford Jun 5, 2003 – May 10, 2018 Share: Obituary Guestbook Photos Service Schedule Obituary Funeral services for Jenna Nicole Bodiford, 14, of Barnwell, SC will be held five o’clock p.m., Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at the Barnwell High School Football Stadium with the Reverends Steve Hurte and […]

18_0510 Jenna Update

You Can’t Run You can’t run away from the path God has for you. You must run to it embrace it,  find comfort in God Himself. Notice I didn’t say love the path (not yet anyway). I believe we continue to grow after huge trials in our life. We grow closer to God and His […]

18_0425 Jenna Update

A Few Days… A Monumental Change 18_0408 Today marks the 2nd consecutive afternoon Jenna’s head has hurt to a point that is near unbearable. She has to close her eyes, and shut everything off, as the headache continues to intensify and her eyes become blurry. I hug her and feel the uncontrollable shaking these tumors are […]

18_0405 Jenna Update

Prom Queen & Graduate Jenna’s high school went above and beyond on her behalf. They presented an honorary diploma, class ring, cap, and gown. After getting home Jenna was so appreciative and excited. Every person that visited got to see Jenna because she wanted to show them her new ring. Then Jenna received honorary prom […]